Jordan Peterson Clean Your Room

Jordan Peterson’s “Clean Your Room” Could Be The Best Thing You Have Ever Done for Your Focus (and Your Life)

From psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson to Eva Selhub MD, the world is full of professional, full-time thinkers telling us to clean our room for its cognitive and psychological benefits –here’s why!

Cleaning Your Room is About More Than a Physical Space —It’s About Your Life Itself

If the world seems a little chaotic these days, could it be because people aren’t tidy?

That sounds a little insane when you think about it topically. But if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, it makes a lot of sense.

No, I am not suggesting that all the world’s ills are because we have messy bedrooms, offices, or homes. Although, a messy environment may affect how we carry on in our own personal lives which could very well have an effect on the society that surrounds us.

Why Should I Clean My Room?

A clean environment can have many positive effects on one’s own psychology, mental health, and focus. Research suggests that “clearing away clutter can help you make healthier choices, improve your relationships, and even boost your workout”.

Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Room

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life kicks off with a clear, deliberate message: Clean. Your. Room.

Having a clean house, or a clean environment where you live your day to day life poses a number of health benefits, and in this article we’ll explore a hand full of those health benefits with a focus on the mental clarity, mental health, and productivity.

At the heart of every single point on this list, improved memory and concentration follow.

  1. Cleaning Your Room Can Reduce Stress and Depression

According to a study by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, those who took part stated that they were more likely to feel mental fatigue, depression, and possessed a higher level of stress hormone called cortisol if their home was described as cluttered or full of unfinished projects.

In that, there is a clear link between your physical surroundings and your mental well-being.

  1. Cleaning Your Room Can Help You Sleep Better

Following the first point, with lower stress levels comes a greatly reduced feeling of depression in some –and in turn, a better night’s sleep.

And so it goes; better sleep goes full circle to improve memory and concentration, which then leads to our next point.

  1. A Clean Room Boosts Productivity

With reduced stress, improved sleep quality, and improved concentration, it’s a safe bet that productivity will also be enhanced.

Yes, your folks weren’t nagging you as a kid for their own personal enjoyment –they were doing it for your well-being.

  1. A Clean Room Helps You Make Better Dietary Choices

Wait, what? No, we’re not going into la la land on this one. Stress is a huge factor in how we reward ourselves (or whether we feel a “reward” is necessary at all).

Stress makes challenges bigger than they are –larger than life. And overcoming the causes of stress will likely help you remove the need or desire for less-than-healthy comfort foods as a crutch to get you through.

  1. A Clean Room Can Make You Want to Work Out

Digging deeper; if you’re feeding your body healthier options and sleeping well, you’re going to see faster gains at the gym. Faster, noticeable gains will motivate you to keep going to the gym (even on days you really don’t want to).

As the pattern continues, now you’ve got all the benefits of all aforementioned points, and then some. We’re reaching peak awesome here, ladies and gentlemen.

  1. A Clean Room Can Help You Lose Weight

When you’re mentally organised, you’re likely to plan meals in advance and not be at the mercy of the cafeteria menu.

Working out makes your body crave healthy foods.

A proper sleep regimen makes your body operate more efficiently.

Add it all up, and your body will be able to burn fat and use nutrients more effectively because at this point, you’re taking better care of it.

  1. A Clean Room Can Earn You a Raise

Think about it.

Jordan Peterson Clean Your Room

Is Your Room Clean?

  1. A Clean Room Can Get You Laid

Healthy people are more attractive. Healthy people who work out, eat right, manage stress appropriately, and are in a higher pay grade are even more attractive.

If I’m not spelling it out clear enough, maybe you should go and clean your room and start reading this article once again from the beginning.

  1. A Clean Room Can Improve the Quality of Relationships

You know what’s a real relationship killer? Dying.

Stress, disease, depression, obesity, and a dirty cluttered living space will all compound and take their toll on your relationships –especially with your significant other who has to stare down all of it.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Change the World (In Any Order) – And Clean Your Damn Room!

Now apply everything we’ve learned to society as a whole.

As Jordan Peterson says time and again in his book and in interviews –how the heck can you weigh in on things like the economy or social issues if you can’t even take care of yourself and clean your own damned room?

We hope this article has promoted a little healthy introspection –what do you think? Way off, or on the mark?

Let everyone know what you think in the comments.