3 Reasons Why a Mindful Morning Routine is Essential to Good Focus & Concentration

When it comes to performing mental tasks, most of us perform best in the morning. This is based on the circadian rhythm we humans naturally have. Towards the late afternoon, our energy starts to dip and we get more easily distracted.

The problem is that if you’re not paying attention to your energy levels, you’ll keep doing random activities at random times of the day, which is ultimately an inefficient use of your mental energy.

With this in mind, it’s important to have a healthy and mindful morning routine that will help you start the day in a productive frame of mind, helping you keep that mindset until you finish working later in the day.

Benefits of a Mindful Morning Routine for Focus and Concentration

1. Optimal performance

As your body temperature starts to rise just before you wake up, your memory, concentration, and alertness also increases. By complementing this process with a solid morning routine, you are setting yourself up for a productive day.

2. Fight decision fatigue

Another good reason for having a  morning routine is to avoid decision fatigue. You only have so much willpower throughout the day and this gets trained by the decisions you have to make from the moment you wake up til you go to bed. By having a set of activities on routine in the morning, you can save all that decision-making willpower later in the day when you need it the most.

3. Generates momentum

A morning routine helps get your day started right. When you perform these positive habits regularly, you set yourself up for doing more positive things that contribute to a productive day.

Mindful Morning Rituals for Increased Focus and Concentration

The goal of these morning rituals is to help clear the mind and nourish the body so it’s fully prepared to take on the tasks for the day.

1. Meditate

Make meditation a part of your morning routine to avoid that rushed feeling. Sit still in a quiet corner, close your eyes, and simply observe your thoughts. It’s a great way to clear your head and set your intentions for the day.

2. Eat a high-protein breakfast

Experts recommend not eating a full meal until after 12 since you’re most likely to crash an hour or two later. But if you must eat breakfast ASAP, go for a high-protein one. They’re great to jumpstart your metabolism and fuel your day.

3. Get some D

Take a walk before you begin working or in between your morning breaks for that needed sunshine. Exposure to sunlight can help you feel more alert.

4. Plan your day

Write down your most important tasks for the day and schedule them around your peak hours. Let’s say if you are the most productive in the morning, you should schedule your difficult tasks around those hours and not in the late afternoon when you’re less energized and prone to distraction.

5. Take a cold shower

It sucks alright but cold showers do a good job of waking you up. You’ll feel energized and alive after a quick cold shower in the morning.

In Conclusion

Write down how you’d like to spend your mornings and begin to make a few simple adjustments until they become regular habit. Whether it’s stretching, reading inspirational quotes, working out, or journaling, what matters is that you find a routine that helps jumpstart your thinking. Once you have established that, you’ll find that your daily productivity will also improve.

Have you established a solid morning routine for yourself? How is it affecting your focus and concentration? Share your stories in the comments below!