Phenibut Benefits: The Lowdown on the Social Anxiety Killer

Social anxiety is one of the challenges plaguing many of us. Maybe you are anxious about that job interview, or the presentation you have to make for a very important client. Whatever it is that’s causing you anxiety, one thing is for sure, it sucks.

I have been dealing with social anxiety as an introvert for more than ten years now and let me tell you, it’s not easy to be around a crowd. Not only does it affect my interactions with other people but my overall mood as well.

However, there is a quick over the counter medicine that can fix this problem. After experimenting with a  various of anxiety drugs, I had almost given up hope of ever finding a solution that would deal with my problem.

I thought I’d never find that one drug that doesn’t leave me the nasty side effects associated with most anxiety medications. Then there’s came Phenibut.

Phenibut is a legal and widely available over the counter drug that relieves you of anxiety, helps you sleep better, and improves your cognitive functions.

About Phenibut

Phenibut was developed in Russia in the 1960s to provide astronauts with an anxiety-relieving drug that did not result in drowsiness, a factor that can affect performance. The drug is a derivative of GABA, a neurotransmitter responsible for relieving anxiety in the brain. It’s a legal drug which is available in the US, Canada, and the European Union. In most of these places, the drug is sold as a nutritional supplement that comes in powder form or in capsules.

Usage and Dosage

The results you get from Phenibut depend on your usage of the drug. An underdose is likely to produce unsatisfactory results while an overdose develops a tolerance for the drug. I use it two to three times a week which has proved to be very effective for me.

Some people take it for five days a week. The dosage varies from person to person and the period they have used the drug and other anxiety medications.

When starting out on Phenibut, I put myself on a small dosage of between 250 mg and 500 mg a day to treat my mild anxiety. This allowed my brain to adjust to the increased levels of GABA in the body. To achieve the best results, the drug should be consumed about thirty minutes to an hour before taking any food. I take Phenibut on an empty stomach which improves the rate of absorption into the bloodstream.

Phenibut has a half-life of four to five hours but it can stay in your system for several days. Before taking another dose on the same day, ensure that you wait for an average of 5 hours to give time for the first dose to work.

Ingestion is the most common method of taking Phenibut. Others also take it in powder form while some inject it into their system. You should note however that injecting the drug is very dangerous as it may lead to vascular damage.

When traveling, you may purchase the powdered Phenibut and make your own tablets. Capsules come in a 250 mg capacity. If you are using the powdered form,  make sure to measure the quantity correctly.

Once the effects of Phenibut kick in, you will feel a heightened sense of calm, enhanced alertness, an increased desire to be social, reduced social anxiety, and sometimes euphoria.

Phenibut Interactions with the Body

Once the drug crosses the blood-brain barrier, it attaches to the GABA receptors in the brain thus producing a calming effect on the body.

Apart from the GABA receptors, Phenibut interacts with the dopamine receptors thus improving their responsiveness and reactiveness.

The result is that your focus, drive, and motivation increases. When taking the drug, I have to time the intake at four to five hours before the social event that might cause me anxiety. This way, I feel the effect of the drug just as I arrive at the party.

Phenibut Benefits

Phenibut benefits include improved sleep, a better ability to cope with anxiety, better brain communication, improved memory and learning, and improved creativity. Through its interaction with the GABA neurotransmitters, Phenibut produces a calming effect on the body and nervous system.

When the calm effect from this drug hits me, I notice an increase in my sharpness and focus, as well as problem-solving ability. My overall performance at work and social situations also gets better. Anxiety blocks your creative juices. The improved communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain also contributes to sharper focus, creativity, and productivity.

Phenibut protects the neuronal cells from damage during periods of high stress. By calming your body, the drug helps reduce the pressure exerted on the heart muscles so it also serves to protect your cardiovascular health.

Since Phenibut interacts with the dopamine receptors, it triggers the production of more dopamine, which improves your mood and disposition. You are therefore able to interact with others well.

Before using Phenibut, I would sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. I realized that about 2 g of Phenibut gives me a good night’s sleep. I now wake up well-rested and ready for another productive day.

Phenibut also acts as an aphrodisiac. When taken in small doses, it increases libido thus improving sexual performance. However, Phenibut is not a cure for erectile dysfunction.

Phenibut Side Effects

With the right dosage, Phenibut is a safe drug to use. However, high dosages and frequent use of it will produce effects such as headaches, stomach upsets, nausea, fatigue, and lightheadedness. In higher doses, symptoms such as unconsciousness, memory loss, hangovers, blurred vision, and hypoventilation can occur.

Like most tranquilizers, continued use of Phenibut may result in negative effects such as  reduced quality of sleep, nervousness, irritability, and loss of appetite.

Phenibut and Alcohol

The results you achieve when using alcohol are similar to that of Phenibut. Combining the two will produce a dynamite effect and you will most likely regret having combined them.

In Conclusion

The effectiveness of the drug depends on how well you control your intake. I have used Phenibut for a long time without experiencing addiction or withdrawal. It is also very important that you get the drug from a trusted supplier to ensure you are taking the right and pure form of Phenibut.