Discipline Means Freedom – My 30 Days of Discipline Review (Victor Pride)

Many men today feel they are living lazy and depressed lives due to a lack of personal discipline –I feel I was once living such a life. However, since taking the 30 Days of Discipline program, I am slowly learning to be disciplined, adopting the most effective strategies in my life and eliminate the negative ones.

Discipline and Success

Discipline and success are closely interlinked. Without discipline, success cannot be achieved. Self-discipline is, however, one of the most difficult challenges most of us as men face.

Over time, many of us have established poor habits that sap our energy leaving us feeling lazy, depressed, and living lives of failure. While we may know what habits are pulling us down, sometimes it is hard to get up and change them.

Victor Pride of Bold and Determined has created a program designed to walk you through the journey of change.

He created the 30 Days of Discipline program to help mold you into the man you are supposed to be, to provide you with energy, vitality, pride, creativity, strength, confidence, self-discipline, self-determination, and a sense of accomplishment.

He provides inspiration to men from all lifestyles to create and live the kind of life they dream about. He is all about creating winners.

The program is a sure and tested method that has worked for me and many other men out there. It consists of twelve chapters each detailing one self-discipline habit. These habits are the basic personal habits you should develop to become a better and more successful man.

1. Waking up at 5 am daily

The time we wake up has a very huge impact on how productive our day is. The lazy, unproductive, and unmotivated man will hit the snooze button several times until he has to wake up at 7 AM and dash quickly out of the house to avoid being late.

However, the 30 Days of Discipline program recommends waking up daily at 5 AM regardless of how tired you feel. At first, the task seems difficult –impossible even, however, with consistency you adjust well to a point you do not require an alarm. Waking up early helped me plan my day better and achieve more throughout the day.

2. Creating a to-do list and staying organized

Organization and success are twins. Staying organized from day to day involves having a well-arranged workplace, house, and mind. Being organized helps you achieve more by conducting your tasks systematically.

By being organized, I could also easily locate various tools and items I needed to perform my tasks. Thus, being organized is an important aspect for improved productivity and saving time. Having a to-do list has also helped me eliminate unproductive hours from my days. I now wake up knowing what I have to do at a certain time and a specific place.

3. Create a definite goal

Before taking the program, I made weak goals that resulted in weak results. Previously, I worked half-heartedly on my goals, writing down vague aspirations without having any idea where to start. This lead me to not taking them very seriously.

However, after learning the habit of creating definitive and purposeful goals, I started seeing changes in the results I got. Because each goal was specific, I could to easily take the right actions that would bring me closer to success.I now enjoy working on my goals without it feeling like a burden.

4. Have a notebook and pen at all times

We all have great ideas from time to time. These ideas come to us at various times of the day. Even the sharpest of minds can only retain so much information. Practicing the habit of carrying a notebook helped me record my thoughts and ideas as they occurred to me.

At the end of thirty days after noting down my thoughts and ideas, I was astonished at how much I’ve achieved. For example, I would note down minor appointment and promises I made to people throughout the day. Later, I would go through my notes and execute what was in them. This improved my credibility to other people especially to my partner and friends keeping my promises to them.

5. No excuses

We all make excuses for almost everything that goes wrong. Before taking the program, I made many excuses for waking up late and failing in my business. Either the economy was not right, my clients were selfish, or whatever  excuse that came to my mind.

However, learning to take responsibility for my lazy and depressed self helped me take action towards fixing my problems instead of running away from them. By realizing that my approach towards clients came out as egotistical, I was able to change my attitude. I now have better relationships with my clients.

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6. Posture and eye contact

The program teaches the importance of maintaining the right posture and eye contact for confidence. Having the right posture communicates confidence and is crucial to the health of your back. Eye contact also communicates credibility with those you are communicating with.

This really didn’t make much of a difference to me as I already practice this habit. However, I do notice myself being more responsive and open towards people who do it. There’s just something about a person who seems very sure of themselves.

7. Daily cold showers

The program recommends cold showers against hot showers, as the latter tends to make you lethargic and sluggish. A cold shower, however, prepares you for a productive day. At first, taking cold showers was hard for me. However, after two weeks of reminding myself that I was building a successful man, I got used to the habit.

8. Dressing your best daily

Whether you work from home or have an office job, Victor’s program encourages you to develop the habit of dressing well. This wasn’t really a problem for me since I was already used to wearing a suit and tie in my job.

According to Victor, dressing your best can be a tool for productivity. After taking a cold shower and putting on some nice clothes, it will be hard to sit around and waste time. You will automatically get down to your day’s agenda. The way you dress affects not only your mood and disposition but also the response you get from people. If you haven’t noticed, people tend to gravitate towards individuals who present themselves well.

9. Daily exercises

Daily exercise is as important as food for building a successful and confident man. The first few days and weeks of the program, you may struggle with the fatigue from exercise especially if you were sedentary before.

Exercise is important both for the physical and mental being of every man. It keeps your body in shape and improves focus, concentration, strength, and willpower. Engage in exercises that work all the muscles of your body including cardio, weight lifting, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.

10. No masturbating or pornography

Masturbation and pornography are two poor habits that derail the progress and success of many men around the world. Masturbation, for example, drains you off the vital energy you need to be productive. While you might experience temporary pleasure and relief, the feeling only lasts for a short time and you’ll wind up feeling tired.

Watching pornography is one of the reasons some men are unproductive in their both work and social lives. The easy access to pornography keeps them from pursuing real relationships outside of the internet.

Not to mention the risk of addiction. By keeping off internet pornography for the thirty-day program, the energy and time wasted on pornography and masturbation go into better and productive activities that translate to success.

11. Eating strictly three healthy meals a day

The 30 Days of Discipline program requires one to take only three healthy meals per day without snacks in between. Developing this habit requires lots of discipline. It is not easy to ignore the body’s urge for food when the appetite shows up.

However, constant eating and snacking are actually detrimental to your productivity. After a meal, your body starts working to digest the food leading to tiredness, sluggishness, and sleepiness. When this happens during the day, your productivity suffers.

Personally, eating a diet low in carbohydrate diet was difficult at first. Getting used to it takes commitment and a lot of self-control.

12. Taking time to rest

Rest is as important as work for productivity. Rest provides time for recreation and rejuvenation. Victor Pride recommends taking a break on Sunday mornings and afternoons. Afterward, you spend the evening planning for the week ahead.

I had a bit of a hard time doing this since I’m so used to just plowing through the day. When I adapted this habit, the hours I work drastically decreased but it also meant

In Conclusion

The 30 Days of Discipline program has been a best blessing in my life. For me, discipline means freedom. When you have it, you increase your chances for success. I am now in charge of my own life.

I do not have to feel depressed or hopeless for the things I desire to achieve. I do not spend my days lazing around the house or in my office wondering about what I would like to do. I now make plans and have an unending supply of vital energy from living a disciplined life.

Becoming disciplined involves taking the small steps, tackling one bad habit at a time until you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

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