3 Killer Cognitive Benefits of L-theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. It is completely natural and will do nothing harmful to your body. This is a compound that can actually be very beneficial in a number of ways. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of l-theanine including improved cognition, a sharper mind, improved mood and sleep, amongst others…

The Benefits of L-theanine

1. Keeps your mind sharper

Memory and cognitive ability fades as we get older but l-theanine actually stops this from happening in some ways. The chemical structure found within l-theanine is known to improve brain health and generally leave your mind sharper. It is still important to improve your memory using standard methods like participating in stimulating activities but on the whole, l-theanine will give you a big boost in this department.

2. Improves mood and sleep

Cortisol is the stress hormone and multiple studies have shown that one of the benefits of l-theanine is to keep this hormone at bay. What this means for you is that you will feel less stressed and more happy in your day to day life. This particular benefit will also help you get a better quality sleep which is ideal for any insomniacs out there.

3 Protects against cognitive decline

L-theanine is actually known to alter the way that your brain works slightly. It relaxes and calms the mind. Even more importantly and pretty groundbreaking is that l-theanine has actually been proven to offer a natural resistance to tumors and other brain conditions that could be life threatening. It is a very underrated amino acid but thanks to recent studies, l-theanine is really starting to show its worth.

Good sources of L-theanine

Tea particularly green tea is the best source of l-theanine, this is because the leaves absorb into the water which gives you all the goodness when you consume it. Do be sure to read the ingredients in your particular tea however to make sure that l-theanine is present. In addition to tea, the compound is found in other items also.

Some other l-theanine sources include mushrooms and certain plants. Although there are not many l-theanine containing foods out there, you can also get supplements from most health stores which is a much easier way to get it into your body. Taking one capsule daily is recommended to improve brain and see the other benefits that have been mentioned.

If you are wondering about l-theanine dosage, 100mg – 400mg is recommended daily if you are looking to improve your health or concentration. If you are taking l-theanine is addition to consuming a lot of caffeine, 100mg at the very most is recommended. Although it is a very effective product, too much of anything isn’t necessarily a good thing, even for some of the wonderful benefits l-theanine presents!

In Conclusion

On the whole, l-theanine is pretty amazing with no known side effects that will negatively affect you. All the mentioned factors actually contribute to vastly improving your brain health .The benefits of l-theanine speak for themselves and it is fairly easy to get l-theanine into your body by consuming the mentioned products or taking supplements. Make positive changes to your life today and you will notice results before very long at all.