There is a hack for everything, and your body is no exception. With the amount of available “biohacking” data out there more people are taking the time to look through this information to apply it to themselves. In this short guide we’ll look at what biohacking is and a number of ways you can apply Read more

In this nootropics guide, we’re going to look at the benefits of nootropics, nootropic benefits, when not to use them, the difference between “smart drugs” and nootropics –as well as a series of nootropics stacks and how to take them. So buckle up, put on a pot of Bullet Proof coffee, and get comfortable; this Read more

If your brain focus has been poor lately or you’re in a constant struggle to concentrate on one task, it’s time to take a breather. No, really. Taking a moment to focus on your breathing can help. When you’re anxious, distracted, or impatient, your breathing becomes more shallow and restricted. As a result, less oxygen Read more

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