It’s a well-known fact that yoga is good for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Since we’re all interested on the topic of improving mental performance here, we thought of looking into how this practice can help improve concentration and memory. Turns out, yoga can improve mental focus, too. In a study conducted by professor Edward Read more

Binaural beats are a form of sound technology specially designed to bring the mind to a meditative state. It’s considered to be a great alternative to meditation, which is a practice some people find difficult to do. If you are prone to feeling anxious and getting distracted, meditation is the last thing you want. It’s Read more

Poor concentration is a common complaint these days amongst students. It makes you inefficient and as a result, you feel anxious because you feel like you haven’t studied enough. Fortunately, you don’t have to live in the land of FOMO anymore as this guide will discuss 5 brain hacks to help improve your concentration in Read more

Learning how to concentrate and focus the mind is crucial to living a productive and fulfilling life, especially in this age where we are bombarded by all sorts of media vying for our time, attention, and resources. An effective solution for combating these distractions is meditation. Nearly all techniques for improving the mind involve some Read more

There is a hack for everything, and your body is no exception. With the amount of available “biohacking” data out there more people are taking the time to look through this information to apply it to themselves. In this short guide we’ll look at what biohacking is and a number of ways you can apply Read more